PSALM 116:15

On August 17th, at 1:30am, Pastor Doug Heck was called home. He awoke in the presence of His Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. I have no doubts that Doug burst into joy and laughter seeing the One whom He served for fifty years of faithful ministry. Tonight and tomorrow, we will come together to share our tears and our joyous memories. Pastor Doug was a pastor’s pastor. He was faithful in the expositional teaching of Scriptures. He was faithful to His Lord. He was faithful to the flock that the Lord bestowed to him. He was not selfish, but selfless; always calling and checking up on his congregation. We would often meet for lunch once a week or more to discuss matters of theology and life. It was Pastor Doug that saw the teaching gift that God graciously gave me and sent me up to teach Sunday School. I bombed a few times, but he gave precious guidance and direction. The first book I chose to teach through was the book of Revelation, He thought I was nuts to do so, but by God’s grace I made it through Revelation in 4 years.

He was faithful. He was faithful to the text. He was faithful in his pastoral ministry. He never wavered or compromised the Holy Scriptures to make people feel good. He was a straight shooter. He was tender with his words and thoughts. He was my friend and mentor, though he would balk at me telling him that, but he was. When my father and brother died, I called Doug and he told me that, ‘God has something special planned for you”. Of course, then I balked at such a though under the sorrow and sadness that encompassed me. Yet, he was right. He saw through the pain and observed how the Lord works in these moments. Moments that to us are painful and lamentable.

To learn that Doug passed greatly wounded me as this year as been hard enough, but I am reminded that Doug entered in the joy of His Master. He no longer suffers. He no longer sits in a hospital bed hooked up to machines. One day, we will meet again, as all believers will have a grand reunion. We will all circle the Throne of the Lamb and sing praises to Him for all that He has done and what He continues to do.

He was a precious pastor. He was a precious saint. He was my friend and mentor.


Stephen J. M.

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