“Pulvis et umbra sumus. (We are but dust and shadow.)” 

 Horace, The Odes of Horace


It has been some time since I have actually written here. I must admit that it has been a combination of life, laziness, procrastination, and some other things. Actually, I have no excuse, none at all. So, here I am dusting off this blog and starting again. This whole year has been a challenge to say the least. It has been filled with many ups and many downs; more downs than ups I must say. The valleys have been dark and haunting, but I must confess that I never was alone walking through those dimly lit valleys. For all along, the Lord has been present with me. In fact, He is the one that has carried me through the billowing storms. I was like that of the apostles in the boat, frightened beyond all belief, worried, I was going to die and there I can hear the words of Jesus, “O you of little faith?” The start of the year was indeed the roughest, but as of now, things have started to level off. Grant it, I have memories of my father and brother daily in some way shape or form, but I am not paralyzed by them as I was before.

Igniting this Creativity

I have been blessed with an arsenal of creativity by the Lord. He has bestowed to me the passion for writing, graphic design, and photography. My ill wanted companions, laziness, procrastination, and well, let us call it for what it is, sin. I allowed them to encompass me and entangle, holding me down in this dark pit. No more. I am wasting these gifts by not using them and they all belong to God. God has given me these gifts and I have been a poor steward with them. It is my prayer and goal to get back into these disciplines and make use of this blog. I have some ideas being in my mind that I want to export onto this blog and I believe that you would like them. Well, I hope you would. I look forward to moving forward with sharing my life, this journey, Theology, and some other stuff. Chiefly though, I want to be able to help people who have gone through the same things that I have been through. I want to be able to serve instead of being self-centered, and in a shell. That is where the devil, my mind, and my flesh want me to be, isolated. I look forward to what is coming to this blog and sharing with you the dearest reader my writing.

Health Update

Well, it would seem that the Lord has placed upon me a trial of sorts. Two weeks ago I went to the West Palm VA Emergency Room to get checked out for Stomach Bug that I had and thankfully, it was just that. One the test they gave me was a CT Scan to look at my intestines and upon doing so, the Radiologist came across a cyst or mass, approximately 1 cm in size on my left Kidney. I went in for one thing and came out with another, but it was God’s Providence that I witnessed there first hand. I am thankful that he allowed the CT Scan to show it and alert the doctor. With that said, I have an appointment with a Urologist December 29th to get it looked at and what actions will be taken place. Am I nervous? Sure. Who would not be, right? I am thankful that the mass, whatever it might be is small and that it is a good thing. Another blessing come out of this is that I have some church family that have been through the same thing that I am going through. I have been surrounded by such loving people and have been greatly encouraged by them and many more friends. Of course, it is the wait that gets me, but I have been told if a slot opens up before December 29, I’ll be placed in it. Lord willing, a slot will open, but if not, the Lord has been so gracious with me and He is teaching me patience and trust. Two things I must admit that I can be very bad at. So, we shall see.


The Lord has been very gracious, patient, and loving toward me. I have no words, but to be thankful for this trial and for this year. A lot has been learned and He has placed me in the refining fires as it would appear. I welcome it as He will get rid of the dross that needs not be in my life. I am His, all of me. My life sits in His hands and it is in that I will take my rest.

Thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement and I’ll be keeping all updated when I get more information.

God Speed.

Grace and Peace,

Stephen J. Melniszyn

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