August Update

An August overlook

Greetings dear reader, I do hope that you all are fairing well and keeping cool. It has been a good time since I have updated all of you. First, it has been really hot and humid. Then again I do live in Florida. I should not be surprised at all. We have moved to the small town of Okeechobee. A quite town west of Port Saint Lucie with a nice big lake; though I would not encourage anyone swim in it as it is filled with the state animal, the alligator and many I may add. Despite the alligators and humidity, it is a small conservative town that is quite and we like it. I started a new job working as a salesman, marketer, and inspector a family own pest control company. It has been going extremely well and my knowledge of bugs have increased greatly. I might add that learning about them is as Spock would say, fascinating. The Lord has been good to us over the last few months and we are thankful for His gracious hand.

Podcasting and writing

I am still looking to set up a podcast entitled, Anxious for Nothing. It has been a slow process due to the new job schedule; however I have been greatly encouraged by my wife and dear friends to do so. The podcast will really focus on Anxiety, Panic, Depression in the life of the Christian. I will be using myself as the subject giving testimony of the last year and the trials that befell our family as a starting point. I know many people, personally also that have lost their loved ones over the course of last year due to complications from covid. We will be looking to Scripture on the matters of loss, grief, sorrow and all the things that accompany the lost of a loved on in the very few first episodes and then go from there. I am still mapping out shows and subjects that are not really spoken about such as mental stress and the world in which we live and navigate. I do look forward to getting the podcast started and Lord willing having a premiere date before the end of the month.

This leads me into a writing project that I have started to research and I have chosen to call it, They Had Names. The premise is a look into how the medical system and doctors that we are too have trusted when our loved ones were diagnosed with covid and hospitalized. We all have heard of the terrible things that took place in many hospitals to poor treatment, doctors choosing to be political, rather than keepers of the Hippocratic oath and the way they, our loved ones were separated from us, kept in cold rooms, dying alone without their loved ones (us) there with them. It is a very deep subject and one that needs to be told. It is a passion project that I am writing in memory of my father and brother who were not cared for properly and in the end, were nothing more than statistic to system that cared only for politics and not for the patient’s life and soul.

Lastly, I guess I can say that life is been good despite the loss and heartache that I still feel. I will explain in much more depth my journey as well through the loss of two very close people that I loved and how it affected me both physically and spiritually and all that will be part of the podcast,

But God in His Grace, Mercy, and Steadfast love has kept me going and by that I mean with a strong church family and a Godly wife, which we will also talk about in the podcast.

So, that’s it. It is Friday, August 5th. I pray that you all have a great and blessed weekend, including a blessed worship this Sunday.

God Speed my dear readers!

Stephen J.M. 111

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