Anxious for Nothing

Greetings Dear Reader!

I am happy to be back on here, this blog once more and writing again. I must confess, life has been pretty hectic of late, but I have some spare time to actually sit and write. I must admit that getting back into writing is somewhat of a journey to do. It requires effort and discipline, of which I must say, I was lacking of late. Laziness and procrastination have been my ill companions of late.

After about a year of thinking and praying, I have finally produced and published the first episode of Anxious for Nothing radio. I have been developing and thinking about this podcast for more than a year and then finally, I was able to sit down, write the working draft for the pilot episode and simply record it. It is now available for listening on Apple Podcasts or on the Podbean App. I will not get into the details of the first episode, as it is all explained within the podcast. I do pray that this podcast edifies and helps you as the podcast will speak of the common problems we face in our day and age. By that I mean, Anxiety, depression, the loss of loved ones, suicide, and the daily Christian walk that lies before us. After all, we face these battles daily, do we not?

I know for many, these problems are kept under the rug as we can be embarrassed to share the problems that we are going through and that the aim of the podcast, to bring these out into the light and talk about them. I find that talking about them is of great help, rather then bottling them up within ourselves. The aim or goal of the podcast and to look at these daily battles through the Biblical lens of Scripture. We are fallen and imperfect creature, that even regenerated still face the onslaught of these trials and afflictions. The Christian life is a life of battle and war and we must train ourselves as the soldier does to prepare and fight in these battles that are within our mind. So, I look forward to just simply talking about them and sharing my daily battles, my struggles, and trails with you.

Aside from the Podcast, I am also looking to write more on here. I mean, after all, this is a blog that I have and what use is it if I do not use it, right? So my secondary goal is to have more of a presence here on the blog and writing on theological matters.

Well, I shall not bore you any longer and leave you here now. I do hope and pray that I can edify and encourage you in any way. We are all pilgrims, making our way the celestial city. Along the way, lies many battles and trails, but we can be assured by the testimony of Scripture itself that we are not alone as Christ Jesus Himself abides with us and we have one another as well.

Till our next meeting, Godspeed!

Stephen J. M.

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