o you of little faith!

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble. (ESV)

Matthew 6:34

We are by and large, Amazonians: are we not? No, I do not mean that we are all Xena, Warrior Princesses, well, some might be, but that is not the point I was trying to make. The point that I was trying to make is ever since Amazon, you know that multibillion company owned by that Bezo guy was created, we have adopted that mantra of wanting things to happen in the next two days, or in a day.

We are by and large, impatient. Even amongst Christians. I should know. I am impatient and do not like waiting. Hence, this is why I am writing this little diddle here. I also let anxiety and worry cover me like a weighted blanket. They are my ill-companions. We all have those ill-companions that travel with us in this world. I also have at times laziness and procrastination joining the ill themed fellowship of my soul.

About three months ago, I was laid off from work. Completely unexpected. I have never been laid off from a job. Since then, I have been canvasing job websites for employment. I even filed for state unemployment, only coming to find out that I did not qualify for them. I never had a problem looking for work for very long. So, I thought, I’ll be back up on my feet in no time. Well, that has yet to happen.

As one can imagine, your stress, anxiety and worry shoot through the roof. After all, I needed to provide for my wife, pay bills, and place food on the table. By God’s grace, our church has helped us through parts of this storm that we are going through this season. I must commend my wife and her faith. She always has given me good Godly counsel. Daily she will tell me to wait on the Lord and He will provide you a job in his timing.

There it hit me, “His Timing”.

I have always believed in the Sovereignty of God, but I must confess, much of time I was believing in my sovereignty. I had control. I had to make the moves. I had to do this and that. Grant it, yes, I had to send out my resume and cover letters to potential employers, but the end result is in God’s hands. Period.

Therefore, my anxiety, my worries all count for nothing. What can my anxiety and worry do, but only cause me physical distress and sinful distress. That sinful distress would not be trusting in the Lord and His will. That is the whole point of Matthew 6:25-34. The ESV study Bible note says: “To be anxious, then, demonstrates a lack of trust in God, who promises that he will graciously care for “all these things”

Talk about a hit in the gut.

I have always been a worry-wart, perhaps will be until the Lord comes and takes away these sinful feelings, but we have God’s promises and so many examples of so many times that God has taken care of His people throughout history. Yet, we like the Israelites do what? We grumble and complain. We want to go back to Egypt. Instead of trusting in God, we want to trust in ourselves and in our actions; believing that we are doing the right thing when in fact, we are not.

In the text above, Jesus so tenderly reminds us that if God takes care of the birds of the air and the lilies of the field, He will take care of us even more so. Worry? What can our worry do? It can not make things happen. It can not change things. It can not lengthen our life spans or change the day. All it does is show that we are not trusting in God and what does the Jesus say to his disciples,

“Oh, you of little faith”.

Our little faith is like being anemic and is deficient. It is in need of strengthening, isn’t it? What things can help this deficiency?


Spending our time in God’s Word.

Speaking with our Pastors and Elders.

Talking and praying with your spouse.

The seasons that we go through can be discouraging. They can be afflicting. They can cause us to be anxious of not knowing what will happen the next day. In the end though, we have not control over the storms of this life, but what we do have is a God that has made promises; promises that He keeps. He is a Covenant keeping God and never has broken His Covenant promises.

“Therefore” in the last verse of chapter six means to look back up where the head paragraph begins. What is the Lord Jesus saying? In short, Trust Me. Thats it. Pretty basic, right? I know. I know. Easier said then done, right? We have to battle ourselves when we go through these storms. Never trust your feelings, your emotions, and your sinful flesh. Hence, why we have to look to the Cross and look to Jesus continually. We have to preach the Gospel to ourselves every because we forget everyday.

So, in closing, yes, I have been unemployed and I am ready to work, but I have to wait on the Lord and His timing, not mine. He is Sovereign and He is in control. The same God Who holds the universe together is the same God that bends down to us and hears our prayers. Now that is something to ponder on, eh?

I have been noticing in my prayers with my wife pointing out that I have been saying, “May Your will be done” a whole lot more.

That is what I needed. Not my will, but His Will.

May that be your prayer as well.

For His Glory Alone,

Stephen J. M.

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