Starting fresh

Life has been pretty busy of late. I have been blessed with a full time job as a graphic designer for an ad magazine here in Stuart, Florida. I have been on the job now for about 3 months and all things have been going well for the most part, though I must say that it has been a lot of learning since it is my first job in art production and publishing. The wheels are always moving and it is non-stop. Being that my schedule has been hectic, I have not been able to really devote time to this blog as once wanted to do. I have been thinking and praying what to do with it for sometime now. It has been a benefit for me to share the events of the last two years and how to move forward when you those you love. I am thankful for the out pouring of love that man of you have sent my way in the last two years. So, thank you!

The Lord has been so gracious in my life and has bestowed to me some wonderful, creative gifts. One of them as been the gift of teaching. When my father and brother passed away, I stopped teaching. I was dealing with the loss and had to take a break away teaching to focus on so many things. As I have not been able to teach, I thought of taking what I have learned through the years and apply it to this blog. I wanted to create a podcast, but time limits me. However, I have a little more time to write now and I thought, why not apply what I have learned to here.

I am thankful for the gift of teaching and even more thankful for my mentor, the late Pastor Doug Heck to help cultivate a love for teaching and expository teaching. I find myself not wanting to waste this wonderful gift that God has given me and to glorify Him through and in this blog.


Life has been busy and well, busy. I have been able to have a job where I can use the gifts the Lord has given me. My wife and I have been also blessed by our church and the teaching of our pastor. The church has been so instrumental in my life the last two years. Anyone who says they don’t need the church doesn’t understand the Word of God. We are thankful for how the Lord has used the church to help us through some difficult times.

The goal of the blog

So, the goal I have with this blog is to focus on Theology and encouragement for those that are going through the storms of this life. I want to take what I have been through and what I have learned, applying it to this blog. Praying and hoping that I can be of some minor help to anyone out there who is going through the valley’s of life as a wayward pilgrim. My aim is to point to the work of Christ and the Gospel.

I look forward to flows out of my pen and onto this blog and I pray that God is glorified, for He is the One Who saves.

Stephen J. Melniszyn

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