Just Me.

What shall I say? I am not one to speak or promote myself with such elegant words. I am, in reality, simple. Thats how I like it. Yet, I shall introduce myself with hopes that I do not bore you. My name is Stephen Melniszyn (Melon-Sin) and I am married to my Dearest Friend, Leigh Melniszyn. I am 43 years old and in July, Lord willing I will be 44 years of age. I am a Christian, whose life was saved by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. I love theology, photography and graphic design. I reside here in sunny (humid) Florida where I attend Reformation Bible College. It is my prayer and wish to follow in the foot steps of the late R.C. Sproul and teach lay people who God is. I mean, after all, we have forgotten who the God of the Bible is. So, it is my goal to teach Church History and be a servant in the local church.

I am from Brooklyn, New York. Yet, I do not have the accent oddly enough. I was in the military for 14.5 years where I served in in the United States Air Force. I was fortunate to live in Germany and Turkey those years. I would trade in those years for anything. I am thankful for that time that I was afforded.

It is my goal through this blog to share theology, lie, and photography.

I am happy that you have stopped by here and even read this, I hope.

So, thanks for stopping by!

Soli Deo Gloria